event team registration:

We have upgraded our registration system and you will find a lot of new features.You can now start setting up your athletes and teams for registration here:

Follow these steps:

Step One: Sign Up to our new registration system
At the bottom of the box you will see purple text saying sign up

Step Two: Enter your athletes
Click on the Participant Icon on the Left hand side & then click Add Participants

  • Upload any Excel file of athlete names and birthdates, or
  • Enter Athletes one at a time.

Step Three: Create your Teams/routines
Click on the Teams Icon on the Left hand side & then click Create New Team

Step Four: Select an Event
Click on the Event Icon on the Left hand side & then click GO on the Event you want to Register

  • Import a team, by selecting the team from the dropdown box
  • Click the Import Team button

Australian Two Competition Promo 2022

Please register for the Australian Two competition promo 2022 before Dec 15th 2021 to claim your discount.

Payment is due by 31st Jan 2022.

Fill out the jotform below to confirm your Discount.