2020 Pre-registration:

You can now sign-up for our Two Competition Promotion here:

event team registration:

We have upgraded our registration system and you will find a lot of new features.You can now start setting up your athletes and teams for registration here:

Follow these steps:

Step One: Sign Up to our new registration system
At the bottom of the box you will see purple text saying sign up

Step Two: Enter your athletes
Click on the Participant Icon on the Left hand side & then click Add Participants

  • Upload any Excel file of athlete names and birthdates, or
  • Enter Athletes one at a time.

Step Three: Create your Teams/routines
Click on the Teams Icon on the Left hand side & then click Create New Team

Step Four: Select an Event
Click on the Event Icon on the Left hand side & then click GO on the Event you want to Register

  • Import a team, by selecting the team from the dropdown box
  • Click the Import Team button