event team registration:

We have upgraded our registration system and you will find a lot of new features.You can now start setting up your athletes and teams for registration here:

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Here to visit Our scoring system Hit Zero
  2. Click Register Here to create your account.
  3. Create your Gym and enter all information
  4. Import athletes into your account by clicking show advanced actions on the right hand side and selecting import athletes.
  5. Open the sample excel document and import your athletes information within the template.
  6. Upload your athlete spreadsheet.
  7. Create your team be selecting the Create Team tab on the right.
  8. Enter the team name and click save.
  9. Click on the team tab on your gym dashboard and select assign athlete to team.
  10. Enter athletes names and then click save.
  11. Create coaches by selecting the create coach tab on the right hand side. (Please put a full stop in the Accreditation ID number Box as well as the WWCC ID/Blue Card box if you do not have this)
  12. Click assign coaches to team on the right hand side.
  13. Select teams under each coaches name and click save.
  14. To Register your team, click on the teams tab and select the team you wish to enter, then click add team to event/division on the right. Select the event you wish to register for by clicking register and selecting the division you wish to enter.
  15. Once this has been done for all teams, click the finalise event button on the right hand side, Select the event, agree to the terms and conditions and this will generate your invoice.
  16. Please email if you wish to make any changes after your invoice has been generated.