Kimberley Ramsay (NZ)

Is the founder of cheerleading in New Zealand and president of the NZ Cheerleading Association. With over 25 years experience in the cheer & dance industry, Kimberley brings a wealth of knowledge to the judging panel. Coach of Team NZ wining various medals including 3 golds at the ICU Worlds. Kimberley also has over 15 years judging experience including various international events including the ICU Worlds. Kimberley has a degree in Law & Commerce and is the event director for Cheerbrandz.

Laura Cannon (NZ)

Has over 16 years in the dance & cheer industry and is a former NZ representative cheerleader. Laura has over 7 years judging experience in both New Zealand & Australia. Laura has a degree is Psychology and currently works at New Zealand Media and Entertainment as a Client Service Manager.

Michelle Eng (NZ)

Has over 14 years in the dance & cheer industry and is a former NZ representative cheerleader. Michelle has over 8 years judging experience in New Zealand & Australia including judging at the Global Games in Hawaii. Michelle has a Law & Arts degree and currently works as a Strategic Analyst.

Geoffrey Dudley (USA)

Geoffrey has over 24 years experience in the cheer & dance industry. Starting in power tumbling and trampoline and transitioning into cheerleading where he has had a very successful career. Head judging in Canada, USA, Australia, and Hong Kong, Geoff has an extensive knowledge of all cheer and dance disciplines. He worked for Varsity for 10 years before transitioning to Australia where he spent 5 years working in the cheer industry.

Jill Wehner (AUS)

Jill has over 30 years experience in the dance & cheer industry including 10 years as a professional dancer, teacher and all star gym/studio owner. Jill has over 5 years judging experience in Australia and New Zealand for Cheerbrandz, AASCF, Cheer Con, WCCD, Spirit Industries and CUA including head judging positions.