EARLY (12wks Prior): $60Athlete
FINAL (6wks Prior): $70/Athlete

*EARLY ENDS: 17 August 2019

* FINAL ENDS: 28 September 2019

*To receive Earlybird Pricing full payment is required before the end dates.


$40 /Athlete


A crossover is the fee charged for any extra routines an athlete enters.

Early (12 weeks prior): $25 per athlete per routine

Final (6 weeks prior): $35 per athlete per routine

For Example: If an athlete competes in 2 cheer routines & 1 dance routine & registers Earlybird, the cost will be:
Entry Fee: $60 (covers first routine)
Crossover 2nd routine: $25
Crossover 3rd routine: $25
Total to pay: $110 for all 3 routines


Cheer Solos, Duos & Partner & Group Stunt:
Early: $25 /Athlete
Final: $35/athlete


If you need to cancel your registration please notify us by email 6 weeks prior to the event to receive a refund less, a $50 admin fee per team entered. No refunds will be made within 6 weeks of the event or for a no-show, dropout or scratch at the competition. Email accounts@cheerbrandz.com.