Registration will be open approximately 1 hour before the first performance. Only registered coaches/advisors can pick up registration packs. Athletes will be unable to collect wristbands. Athlete gifts will be given at this time.


All athletes and coaches must wear their wristbands to enter the arena and backstage area's.

Dance Studios will receive 1 teacher wristband for every non-crossover dance team (up to a maximum of 6). If you need more wristbands for extra teachers please advise registration & these will be given subject to availability.

backstage warm-up

Each team will be scheduled 10mins backstage:

  • 5mins in the stretching/warmup area,
  • 5mins on the backstage *marley dance floor. Music is available for this station.

Please note the backstage dance floor may not be the same size as the performance floor.

Solo's where possible will be scheduled 5mins backstage.

No friends or family will be allowed in the rehearsal area.

score sheets

Score Sheets: Score sheets will be available for pickup at the conclusion of prize giving. Please note we do not keep scoresheets after the end of the event.


Auxiliary Input: Music must be played on a Auxiliary Input capable device. It is recommended that you bring TWO HIGH-QUALITY copies of your music to the event. We highly suggest that a coach plays the music for your team and not a participant. This person will be asked to hold onto their own music until the time of performance and to take music back following the performance.

Music Interruption: If the fault is due to event equipment or team's music failure - the coach will have to decide within 2 minutes if they would like to perform again. Judging will resume at the point where the music was interrupted. The team will be required to take the stage immediately for the 2nd performance.

coach & vip seating

There is coach seating available at the front of the judges riser. This is available for the coaches of the teams that are about to perform to sit. However, if the seats are free you are welcome to sit there, we just ask that you leave the 4 middle seats free for any coaches of the teams that are coming up next,